1.Airsoft is a dangerous sport, all players must be aware of the potential risk of injury

2.Players under 18 are required to wear full paintball style facemasks which we will provide at no additional cost, players over 18 must wear a minimum of full-seal goggles, with the understanding that by not wearing full facemasks they accept the risk of personal injury.

3.People injured as a result of not following safety advice are not allowed to complain or whine.

4.Eye protection must be worn at all times in the arena – defogging must be done in the staging area.

5.Spectators in the staging area are advised to wear safety glasses, which are available upon request.

6.All guns must be chronographed, (our limit is 350fps with a .25g BB)

7.All guns must remain in the building

8.No shooting of any kind in the staging area

9.No shooting during cease-fire periods

10.All players must pay 100% attention during briefings

11.No blind firing, you must be able to see what you are shooting at

12.We do not observe the “Bang-Bang” rule - however, no shooting point blank (for close quarters kills players can make knife kills or “surrender” their opponents.)

13.No acrobatic stunts

14.No shooting at referees

15.When hit, keep both hands up while moving to re-spawn or out-area

16.Do not throw knives

17.Players using noise devices such as thunder-Bs must advise the referee at the beginning of the round

18.All matches will be semi-auto only, full auto guns are limited to 2-3 round bursts

19.All guns in staging area must have barrel covers, guns without covers must be left in the arena between rounds

20.Do not move obstacles

21.All players must use .20g or greater BBs 

22.Rental guns do not include gas or ammo

23.Players suspecting someone of cheating should report the behavior to a referee. The only thing more annoying than cheating is someone continuously accusing people of it.

24. Only shoot at designated targets in the arena (no shooting at lights, obstacles, the ceiling, etc...)