Colt 1911 Rail - Silver

Colt 1911 Rail - Silver

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The Colt 1911 Rail is a full metal, CO2 blowback, 6mm airsoft pistol with licensed Colt trade marks. The heavyweight adds durability and offers a realistic feel. The 20mm underside rail is ideal for mounting tactical accessories. A two stage safety operates just like the real steel firearm. An adjustable hop-up allows the user to make precise changes to get the most accuracy out of the Colt 1911 Rail.

Includes: 1 mag, sample bb's, box, unjamming rod, booklet, and 30 day warranty.

Hop-up: adjustable

California legal: No

Canada Legal: No

Capacity: 14 bb's

Action: Blowback Co2

Velocity: 340fps with .20g bb


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